Call Centre Digital Channels Proving Popular

March 2015

New research is suggesting digital channels such as email, web chat, text messages and social media now accounted for just over a third of all contact centre interactions.

It’s expected to rise to more than half within two years, overtaking the volume of voice calls.

This behaviour has mostly been driven by younger consumers preferring to use their keyboard rather than the phone. Social media and web chat has become the number one contact choice for Generation Y.

What’s good for consumers is also good for the call centres.

Channels such as web chat and emails had advantages for companies as they left records and made it easier to analyse the reasons behind the consumer’s issues. It also gives companies the ability to understand individual transactions and customer behaviours.

Also recruiting customer service staff to engage with customers over digital channels was easier and those channels such as web chat and text messages are often managed simultaneously by a single staffer.