Deloitte 2017 H&S leadership survey - no room for CEOs to be complacent about H&S

March 2017

The key messages from this year’s survey are that New Zealand leaders display a very high level of commitment to health and safety and are working hard to improve performance.

But the health and safety initiatives they are undertaking aren’t always well targeted toward the key issues that the CEOs themselves identify as priorities.

For example, worker engagement/culture, and safety in the supply chain were identified by CEOs as key concerns and important barriers to improving performance.

Yet many organisations don’t have specific initiatives to tackle these issues.

The report was launched in the first week of March at events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Often in health and safety we learn by investigating incidents – which can be a costly and painful way to learn.

This report – based on a survey of 169 CEOs and directors – provides leaders with ‘free’ insights or lessons that can be learned without having to suffer an incident.

It can be used by CEOs and directors to support conversations with their executive teams, H&S specialists, boards, and worker reps/H&S committees about whether their organisation is really ‘walking the talk’ on its commitment to health and safety.

The report is available on this web site under “reports & surveys”.