Employers can look forward to being rated Online

July 2015

Choosing a workplace based on online reviews may become a real prospect for New Zealand employees who have started reviewing their workplaces using a powerful Trip Advisor style ratings website.

A global trend, led by the company Glassdoor has struck fear into employers overseas by letting employees anonymously swap honest feedback and salary information.

Glassdoor has enormous influence in its United States homeland, where it shapes best and worst workplace rankings and helps talented employees decide where to work.

Already employees are starting to use it to review workplaces including Kiwibank, Lion Nathan, Xero, ANZ and Orion Health.

Glassdoor has spread from the US to Britain, France and Germany and boasts 30 million users.

In the future when you have Gen Ys who are suspicious of typical marketing and rely on what their peers say, a Trip Advisor review can really add strength to what a company says.