Kiwis Buying and Paying More for Ethical Products – Fair Trade Association

January 2017

According to Colmar Brunton’s Better Futures Report 2016, which surveyed more than 13,000 people throughout New Zealand, 71% of consumers said they were prepared to pay more for sustainable and ethically produced products, a 6% year-on- year increase from 2014.

Retail sales of Fairtrade products across New Zealand and Australia have grown by more than 17% to $379 Million (NZD).

83% of Kiwi respondents stated they would stop buying a company’s products if they heard about them being irresponsible or unethical, and 72% said it is important for them to work for a company that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand CEO Molly Harriss Olson recently commented that the survey reflects how far the Fairtrade movement has come over the past decade, as campaigners and businesses have worked together to transform the way that the nation shops.

Continued retail sales growth is enabling Fairtrade to provide more support and services to farmers and workers throughout the Pacific.