NZ employees rate work-life balance as top Priority

May 2015

New Zealand workers rated work-life balance as the most important factor in keeping them with their current employer, while job seekers continue to view salary and employee benefits as the No.1 priority, a survey published by human resources specialist Randstad shows.

More than 53 percent of the nearly 8,000 work aged Kiwis polled, weigh work-life balance the most on their decision to stay with the current employer. But for people looking for work, only 10 percent rated that as the biggest attraction in a job, up from just 4 percent in 2012, the survey showed.

For the fifth consecutive year since the survey was started, salary and employee benefits rank highest of five most important criteria for choosing an employer, by 21 percent of respondents. That is followed by long-term job security at 12 percent, interesting job content on 11 percent, and pleasant working atmosphere, at 10 percent.