Increasing importance placed on work-life balance

May 2016

Wellbeing-related perks, like flexible working hours, gym memberships and childcare facilities, are becoming more important for employees looking to change jobs, new research suggests.

Recruitment firm Robert Walters surveyed 2400 professionals in Australia and New Zealand and found half of them would leave their jobs if their needs weren’t met.

In recent years organisations have worked on the innovation around their “value proposition” as employers, not only to attract new talent but also to retain existing staff.

The focus on wellbeing is mirroring changes in society, where there was an increasing importance placed on work-life balance.

Organisations are caring for their staff in many different and varied ways including providing weekly fresh fruit, good quality and healthy drinking options at company functions, company participation in fun walks or runs, and even company organic vegetable gardens were viable options.

There’s evidence that showed workplaces that prioritised wellness had positive effects on workers.