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Sarah Sladek Webinar ‘19 Ways’

by KRMinformation

Sarah Sladek takes you through 19 Ways to Create a Must Have Membership. This is a must have check list for all Association professionals, from executive to education directors, marketing managers, meetings professionals and anyone else.


5 Radical Changes for Associations

Interview with Mary Byers, Co-Author of “Race For Relevance”


Race for Relevance

Harrison Coerver Presentation to NSPE

Harrison Coerver, co-author of the book “Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations”, attended NSPE's annual meeting in San Diego to discuss the recommendations in his book with NSPE leaders. He also answered questions and provided examples of changes other associations have made to survive and thrive in the future


7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't

John Graham

John Graham, President and CEO of the ASAE, gives a summary presentation of the outcomes from the three year study conducted with author Jim Collins into what makes great Associations.


Membership Is Dead?

Belinda Moore - September 2013

While the idea of membership will continue, the antiquated models of recruiting, retaining and engaging members cannot survive in an increasingly challenging and ever-changing operating environment. In this webinar Australasia's foremost membership specialist, Belinda Moore discusses at the major trends affecting associations and the actions associations need to take in order to adapt. This 1 hour webinar ran on 27 August 2013.