Tony Alexander:
Chief Economist at Bank of New Zealand

Business, Economics, Finance, Future Trends

Mr Alexander has been employed as Chief Economist at New Zealand’s second largest bank, the Bank of New Zealand, since 1994 with responsibilities including informing senior management about economic developments and prospects, risks and opportunities, and provision of services for the bank’s staff and client base.

He is an accomplished public speaker much in demand and each year delivers between 80 and 130 presentations at bank seminars, conferences, and client functions around the country and offshore. Other functions include maintaining regular contact with print, radio, television and on-line media to discuss developments in the local and global economies and financial markets, along with the production of written publications including newspaper and magazine columns.

Mr Alexander writes and distributes the BNZ Weekly Overview directly to 28,000 email recipients with extensive links from other websites.

He also conducts the monthly BNZ Confidence Survey which provides not only a near real-time snapshot of business sentiment but insight into how businesses currently perceive their operating conditions.

Prior to joining the BNZ Mr Alexander worked as principal economist at a stock broking firm in Wellington and before that as Research Officer then Treasury Economist with Westpac Bank initially in Sydney, Australia, then New Zealand from 1987. He holds a Master of Arts degree (first class honours) from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. He is the father of five children, his wife is one of New Zealand’s foremost early childcare researchers, and he lives in the countryside north of New Zealand’s capital city Wellington.


  • P.O. Box 13194
    Wellington 6440
  • PHONE +64 4 474 6744


  • Traveling From: Wellington
  • Equipment Required: Data/overhead projector, microphone
  • Experience:Many years of speaking at conferences for Associations and Corporates
  • Presentation Timing: 45 minutes to 1 hour but will meet clients timing requirements