Advertisers’ terms and conditions

The following outlines the terms and conditions of use, that the advertiser agrees to be bound by when advertising or using the website.


Associations NZ Limited reserves the right to:

  1. revise advertising rates at any time
  2. modify the terms and conditions at any time and for any reason
  3. refuse or omit publication of any advertisement deemed unsuitable for the website
  4. refuse, alter, or cancel listings or advertisements at our sole discretion
  5. be solely responsible for the design and layout of the site
  6. make changes to the design and layout of the website at any time and without notice
  7. not update the website if circumstances prevent us from doing so
  8. suspend the website at any time and without notice for maintenance or repair, for making changes and improvements, and for ensuring security, and will have sole control over the technical specifications of the website.


The advertiser will be responsible for:

  1. ensuring that the data provided is accurate and truthful, does not breach any applicable law or regulation, and does not infringe copyright, privacy, data protection, trade mark or any other rights of any third party
  2. dealing with any questions or complaints arising from the data that has been provided
  3. acquiring all appropriate consents and licences for submitting the data to the website
  1. acquiring all appropriate consents and licences for submitting the data to the website
  2. submitting all data and photographic material in digital form and according to the given specifications
  3. making payment for the advertisement or service which is due seven days following activation or renewal - all cost of recovery of overdue accounts will be charged to the advertiser
  4. informing us of any issues/complaints regarding the quality and placement of advertisements  no later than 30 days from the date of publication.



  1. must be in writing to P.O. Box 13194, Johnsonville, Wellington 6440
  2. termination by either party will be 30 days after notice in writing from the other party
  3. Associations NZ Limited reserves the right to charge in full for advertising cancelled after the deadline or before the contract final date
  4. any refunds will be at the discretion of Associations NZ Limited.


The material:

  1. In the case that material has not been received by the due advertising date for any kind of advertisements, Associations NZ Limited shall have the right to use a previous advertisement or create a substitute copy at their absolute discretion, and charge full rates plus any production costs incurred
  2. if an advertisement requires preparation a fee may be charged for website coding and image preparation costs, this will be upon consultation with the client
  1. Associations NZ Limited accepts no responsibility for printing accuracy where website users print advertisements from the website
  2. no responsibility can be accepted for any loss arising from failure or all or part of an advertisement to appear or for any error in an advertisement
  3. material is held at the advertiser's risk and is not insured by Associations NZ Ltd
  4. Associations NZ Ltd is not responsible for typographical errors or digital errors or omissions.


In general:

  1. Associations NZ Limited will take all reasonable means, but cannot prevent unauthorised users and hackers
  2. the copyright in the design and layout of the website ( is vested in Associations NZ Limited
  3. Associations NZ Limited Is not responsible for web server or internet technical faults which may affect online advertising
  4. Associations NZ Limited does not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred in relation to the content or performance of the website
  5. Associations NZ Limited accepts no responsibility for bookings accepted by our advertisers from users of our website – any losses, damage, unpaid charges or other costs are the responsibility of the advertiser concerned
  6. these conditions of service will be governed by the law of New Zealand and the advertiser agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.